Burnham Deepdale 05/02/2017

A few shots from a nice morning up at Burnham Deepdale.


Single Exposure / Double Exposure. 14 June 2017

So - I had a small sheet of glass that I decided to take for a walk in the woods (as you do).

I'm not sure you can call these double exposures, as the double exposure effect was captured in a single shot shooting though a sheet of glass that was at the same time reflecting and refracting the immediate environment around it.

As a first test I think in principle it has some potential. Just depends how often I can be bothered to carry round a small sheet of glass I suppose :)




Wells next the Sea. 02 June 2017.

Ive been thinking about posting more theme based posts via my blog. The plan would be to post my fave shot from a recently visited location. 

I suspect these blog posts will be made up of the occasional shot i'm happy with, a load of "nearly" shots and a bunch of experiments. As such I see these are more of an ongoing record than an actual portfolio. But ultimately it will be nice to see how things progress. 


These shots taken on the same evening at Wells beach and the woodland just off the beach. The light was pretty flat, it rained, I got wet, but at least there was some texture in the sky and nice reflections on the ground. 


A 45 minute walk in the woods.

Slightly influenced by a recent talk by Mark Littlejohn, I decided for leave the tripod at home, grab one lens and go take the dog (and my son) for a walk. Not that ive not done such a thing before, it's just something I don't seem to do often enough. Blame lack of time or something.

Anyway,  fun was had by all. 

Outdoor Photographer June 2016 - Lie of the Land

I was fortunate enough and extremely surprised to be asked to write a little opinion peace for Outdoor Photographer. For those who dont know OP is pretty much the de facto landscape and wildlife photography magazine in the UK, and to my knowledge there is no other equivalent publication. So to be asked to contribute to an issue was an opportunity I wasn't likely to turn down! 

This is my 1st writen published peace, and as such probably took me way longer to write than it should have. And there also the added pressure of knowing that many, perhaps all of my favourite photographers would end up reading it...So no pressure there then and sorry in advance if I disappoint anyone! 

But anyway, if you have a copy I'm on page 58. The peace itself is about focusing on the details and finding interesting compositions in subjects that often get overlooked. And.... if you dont have a copy go grab one, you can even skip over my peace and look at all the other amazing content, not least Dylan Nardinis wonderful work over on page 64.


Well, my 1st post....

I doubt very much Ill keep on top of a blog, but while the options there it might as well be used when I can find the time.

So, I have a website. Will anyone look at it? Who knows.


But ultimatly, if you like the work, and want to drop me a line (on twitter or email) please do :)